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Christine Crout - Lecturer in English (Sep. '99-July 2000)

In July of 1999 a Chinese friend at Church told me about a job going in a College in Xinxiang, Henan, PR China.

Lu knew that I had been very interested  in China for many years through my work as a landlady to Chinese student/tenants.

I worked on my application for three days and submitted my first FAX, ever.
I was accepted and in China ready to work within 6 weeks!!  Isn't God amazing!

Mrs. Han, Mrs. Zhang and Mr. Chen came to Beijing to meet me. We  visited  famous sites, ate 'delious food' and then headed down South to Xinxiang some 400 miles away.

Temperatures remained around 42C (112F) - sweltering - the longest hottest  summer for some time.

Thankfully I was escorted to my 3rd  floor apartment with AIR CONDITIONING and could relax.  I discovered that our College has 5000 people on campus during term time including retired folk and some 7500 including distance learners and those living off campus.

Each morning, VERY EARLY, folk of all ages would come out to exercise.  I tried to join in -  the standard is very high.

Shortly after I joined the College it was time for the 50th Celebrations of the 'Liberation' or the establishment of People's Republic of China in 1949.

This proved to be great fun.  A special performance was put on in our open air theater and 'everyone' was invited to perform through song, dance or acting.  The standard was incredible.

Of course, being the only English/American in the College - has meant that I am a bit of a curiousity.  There is great interest in the West and thankfully I've brought lots of pictures and books.

(Thank you David, Cecily, Jack, Jill, Margaret, Sally, Jean, Giles, Maureen, Lee, Allen.....)

If you would like to come to China or to our College particularly, to teach do contact me.  I promise you it will be the most amazing experience of your life.

I am just the second 'foreigner' to come to our College - and consequently have had TV interviews...very exciting.

The closeness of life here still amazes and comforts me.  You are never lonely in China because the family system is very strong indeed and that includes looking after 'foreigners'.

Please look at the other links to 'hear' more - and there are some other wonderful linked sites to visit as well.

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Would you like to teach in China?
Henan Vocational Technical Teacher's College is looking for teachers for next year.

It would be the most amazing experience you've ever had!!!
Xinyan Road Henan PR China 453003
College Details HVTTC
Christine Crout - Lecturer in English (Sep. '99-July 2000)

Hi there - it's hard to believe that a whole academic year went by, so quickly and that I am back in the UK.  Here is a review ....enjoy.
Christine's  Homepage
From China & the US
Coming to China to teach has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

The kindnesses shown to me are extraordinary.

The 'Open Door' Policy has been in existence now for nearly 20 years but still there is a need for more English/American Teachers.

Although a teacher coming to China gives up some of the familiar things - the gaining of a whole new experience makes everything more meaningful.

As Yipeng Zao, a Chinese friend  said to me, "When you gain more than you lose you learn the meaning of your choice to work abroad."
i.e. - 'No pain - No gain!!'

Yipeng and his wife are currently studying for advanced degrees in England.
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First Term & Student's Work
Autumn 2003 UPDATE

Thankfully, HVTTC has continued to have very excellent teachers from abroad - due to the fascination of coming to Xinxiang, Henan Province and the excellent conditions and opportunities  that are available.

HVTTC is moving from strength to strength.
has been an ongoing process - I completed my degrees with the Open University in England in '76 (BAHons.), then did further study for the PGCE ('76)and B.Phil.Ed ('82) in Behaviour Analysis and Change at Exeter University.

Studies also included   courses on the Old and New Testaments through St. John's Theological College, Nottingham, and Counselling Courses in England and California.
As well as being a teacher - I've been a Landlady for 17 years - with the help of my friend Molly Smale - without whom, the job would have been impossible - because we came to live 165 miles away from my properties.

It  was here that I met, worked and lived with people from China for the first time...and it was here that my interest in China and desire to visit grew.

And so the desire gave rise to the opportunity - and with family agreement - I set off to the East -

on my great adventure. leaving behind my dear family and friends - for new family and friends in China

I was born in San Francisco, California in 1941, spent 7 years in Oregon, then came to live in Los Angeles environs until I was 23.

The years in Oregon were spent in the little town (population 500) of Oakland.  My relatives, the Youngs - were pioneers there and worked in the timber industry, ranching and banking.

We moved to Los Angeles in 1949 when LA had it's first and last snow in most people's memory!!  Otherwise it was Hot! Hot! Hot!

I remember buying  - 5 cent scopes of
cecream all piled high on the cone, to lick in the hot summer sun.

My brother and I considered ourselves explorers and we rode as far  as we could on our bikes.

School was classrooms neatly laid out in wooden desk rows where we always, well, usually, obeyed the teacher OR there was a trip to the Principal.

My education in the US was completed at UCLA where I met and married my English husband and became a 'foreign' bride.

We went to England in '63 with our beautiful baby girl, Theresa, and settled in Wales - which I thought, in my ignorance, was an island off the coast of England.

Wales is distinct enough to be an island - but it is very much joined to England - and a land of castles because it was 'occupied' by the English.

When we arrived Welsh was just beginning to be spoken in the schools after years of having been banned.

Four more beautiful children were born to us -  Cecily, Elizabeth, David and Amy by which time we'd moved to Exeter, Devon.

Exeter is a beautiful  town situated on the River Exe - we spent 18 fascinating years there - during which time I was a housewife, mum, student, teacher, landlady and general handyperson...

In '84 my husband received an offer of a Professorship and we moved to Coventry - the town of the 'new' Cathedral and 'Lady Godiva'.

Here children grew to be adults - and I  began to do less teaching and more 'Christian Voluntary' work, along with landladying.

Which hurriedly brings us up to '99 when I was told about the job in China - my wildest dreams come true!!
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Student Zheng Peng, fiance & Me
in front of the College - view her
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